Let me confess to you baby, this here ain’t about you. It is more about me. The truth I have been hiding, it is just too frightening. It is kind of sad that he did it to me. He was the man who raised me. Happily he made me. Tortured me between my legs, used a rope to hold me down. Put some tape up in my face, said to me, “You’re a mistake.”



My Dad called a man to come in; I saw him standing there wearing nothing but old underwear. He bit his lips and came upon me. I screamed so much for God’s old sake! Though, no one heard a single word– My eyes were crying because it really hurt. I felt a thing coming inside of me. Hours later after being raped, the man stood up looking grouser putting his underwear back on. I saw my Father coming back laughing and smiling. I was staring into space. My body was shivering like an earthquake.




Dad untied me. He said, “You may go now!”




I got up from the chair, walked away and told my Father, “I’ll see you there.”




Then he asks. “You stupid girl! Where?”




I take a blade, walk forward, and say, “In hell.”

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    I don't know what made me write this, but a feeling inside of me tells me things like this happen often.



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