When I’m surrounded I’m pushed and hounded
When I’m alone I hear the sad voices moan
Hide in a corner, a box under your bed
Cover your ears and hide your head
Try to forget every terrible day
Try to forget the words that they say
The voices that speak to me are soft, sweet, and kind
But the sick thing is I am losing my mind
Thrown around like some kind of toy
But someday I will get revenge on every girl and boy
Soon will they know that they made me hurt
When I bury there bodies beneath the dirt
Sadness and madness are in the air
But where ever I look happiness isn’t there
Try to solve this problem with words
But the more I try the more it hurts

We search and search until we find our way
Or are we useless and meant to be molded like clay
Do we need someone to help us along
Is it because we don’t really know right from wrong
I hide my eyes in fear and sorrow
I fear for me, my life, for tomorrow
Run away, cower, and hide that is what the voices tell me
But in light or dark they’ll never see
The words they speak are nothing but lies
They ignore my screams, my beggings, my cries
Fear is a weakness my weakness its true
And the way it works is me after you
Laughing and amused they hear me scream
I wish I could wake up and this all be a dream
They to will know soon enough my pain
When I slaughter them all their blood will rain

But when I look around at this whole mess
Its me I did it I must confess
But I truly don’t feel a thing
I smile and the voices start to sing
A tune that’s so evil it makes me grin
What I did was wrong a truly gruesome sin
Laughing and smiling this is all so fun
And even better my work is finished my job is done
Now with this red all over my hands
They should know where each one of them stands
Loyal to me they are my slaves
They’ll live like animals naked in caves
Their pain, suffering, and bloody bruises
Live or die each one chooses
Cling to a life that’s not there
Or die a death you can’t bare

Lost in dream a world of my own
The wounds I suffer seemed to have grown
Fake, false, and all one big lie
I lay down my head and start to cry
Its my end my punishment… so I thought
But its not the end to my battle, I fought
Waking from my dream, my nightmare, my world
My imagination finally unfurled
Releasing terror in every way
Every corner every day
No where to hide or run and cry
The only way out is to surrender and die
This is the way it is, the way it has to be
This world is broken as far as the eye can see
Forward on my life goes in reverse
But even with cause I can’t break the curse



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