I expected to be a millionaire or at least that was what I thought.
I killed a homeless man to get the lottery ticket that he bought.
When I demanded that he give me his lottery ticket, he refused to give it.
I stabbed him with my knife and I foolishly thought I would get away with it.
After I cashed in the lottery ticket, I received fifty million bucks.
But the Police traced the knife back to me and I was out of luck.
When I took that poor man’s life, I stood there and watched him bleed.
I wouldn’t be in jail and he’d still be alive if it hadn’t been for my greed.
Please don’t be greedy like I was because it’s a terrible sin.
Because of my greed, I’ll never see the light of day again.

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    Even though this poem is fictional, greed really does drive some people to kill.



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